• IT Consultancy

    Distributed business applications, embedded systems, IT-infrastructure, mobile devices, IoT, web development, data management, ... We provide standard and tailor-made solutions for your IT needs, delivered through the highest quality standards and procedures.
  • Experts in software development

    We team up with highly skilled and dedicated professionals. With our 15+ years of profound professional experience but also through close partnerships, we create value that rises beyond your satisfaction. Cause in the end, that's what you want. Right?
  • Let's make things better!

    The software industry is an evergrowing evolution. Techniques used today is not what it was a decade ago. Innovative initiatives and online community collaborative contribution is what mainly drives this high-paced movement. Our team doesn't stay behind and always adopt the most qualitative production standards and procedures. Because we strive for optimal quality and user experience, this is how we provide you the solutions to stay ahead of competition.


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Real-Time Computing

Embedded Systems

Web & Mobile Applications

Business Logic

Data Management

Quality Assurance

About Us

About Us

Who We Are

Cosmolithics is a young Belgian company working with highly skilled professionals. With 15+ years of profound experience and expertise, we are able to provide high quality IT-solutions that meet all business requirements. From process automation and system integration to state-of-the-art product design and delivery. Working with us boosts productivity and greatly enhances your business value. With our creative mindset we can be your next innovation partner.

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